Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Pregnancy Yoga

the baby planners yummy yogaEverything you’ve ever wanted to know about Pregnancy Yoga

 Today we have a guest post from the lovely Sarah Oakley and Elinor Evans. Sarah and Elinor are yoga teachers based in Hertfordshire specialising in Pre and Postnatal Yoga Classes, Workshops and Teacher Training. You can find out more by going to their website: Yummy-Yoga


What is Yoga?

Yoga is an ancient discipline that includes postures, (often called asanas), meditation and relaxation practices to createthe baby planners yummy yoga physical strength and flexibility and calm the mind.

What is pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga (also known as antenatal yoga or prenatal yoga) classes are antenatal exercise classes that use gentle and safe yoga to support mums-to-be as they go through the physical and mental demands of pregnancy and giving birth.

Can I just go to my local general yoga class?

By all means, just check with your teacher that they are qualified in pregnancy yoga so that it is safe for you to be in class. However, the advantage of going to a class specifically for pregnancy is that the focus will be entirely on issues, ailments and asana for pregnancy. Also you can find understanding and wonderful new friendships with the other attendees – often lasting a lifetime. From a teachers perspective we are able to give our time entirely to benefit mums to be so feels much better from our side.

Can you start Pregnancy Yoga right away?

Teachers differ on their opinions on this. However, as the first 12 weeks are a precious time for the growth of the baby as the fetus is implanting into the uterus teachers often recommend that you wait until the 2nd trimester before joining a class.

What happens in a pregnancy yoga class?

Lots of mention of the words pelvis, OFP (optimal foetal positioning), birth canal, sacrum and pelvic floors
Hip wiggles and booty shakes (in a yogic way of course)
Ladies sneaking in a quick nap in relaxation
Thinking of cakes in meditation
Lots of giggles
New found strength and relaxation in preparation for giving birth
Friends you’ll keep for life

the baby planners yummy yogaWhat are the benefits of pregnancy yoga?

Pregnancy yoga will provide you with natural tools to support your mind and body. The yoga postures included in class help to keep you mobile and active up to the birth, and help to position the baby optimally for a quicker, easier labour with less need for pain relief.

The meditation and breathing technique used in classes help you to release tension, manage pain and improve sleep. Also yoga can help to alleviate many common pregnancy symptoms such as insomnia, blocked sinuses and aching legs.

Also, by attending a local pregnancy yoga class, you get to meet other local mums who’s support can be vital in reducing the possibility and severity of postnatal depression.

Might I fart in class?

Yes, but it doesn’t happen very often and it is soon forgotten

What should I wear to class?

Comfortable, loose fitting clothing that allows you to move freely. Please do dress in layers that you can put on or strip off during those mumma hot flushes.

Do I need to have practiced yoga before?

No. Just be pregnant! So whether you can headstand in lotus whilst chanting om or haven’t properly exercised in years we hope you find strength and comfort in your classes.

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