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Ready For Number 2 – Lindsey Day

   Lindsey Day & the baby planners Guest Blogger – Lindsey Day

By now most of you who read our blog should be familiar with Lindsey Day. For those who have only just found us Lindsey is one of our fabulous guest bloggers and mum to 1 year old Dexter; she also writes her own blog – Life Changing Moment (which you should all go read!)


                                                   Ready For Number 2

Since Dexter turned 1 we’ve had the same question asked over and over again…..

“So when are you having the next?”

The OH and I normally tag team our answers if we’re together and often our answer reflects our mood. Our favourite lindsey dexter & the baby plannersanswer has to be “god no have you seen our child?”

Immediately after having Dex I wanted more children, 5 to be exact. I was stereotypically hormonal and deeply in love with my (static) newborn.

I’d had an easy labour; enjoyed it in fact, so the thought of doing it again and 4 times over was strangely appealing to me. I saw being a new mum as an easy, enjoyable job.

Then *BAM* Dexter became mobile

I was constantly sweaty, dusty and knackered. Crawling around after a small child was not as enjoyable as sitting on my bum, breastfeeding my sleeping baby. Don’t get me wrong I find his development more rewarding now; it’s just a whole new level of tiring. It was around the 8 month mark that I thought one baby was enough for us. One baby to devote all our time, effort and energy too and one baby to shower with love and spoil as much as we could.

After all we’d peaked. Good labour, good feeder, good sleeper, good baby. Why would we try and improve on perfection? Yes Dexter is nuts but he’s our nuts baby boy.

lindsey dexter & the baby plannersBut now with the next chapter in the K-D family’s life opening (buying our first house) we’re actually thinking that baby number two could complete and complement our little family nicely.

I dream about having an exact baby to Dexter, in looks and temperament. A playmate for Dex and someone to share his 1001 toys with. A little brother to share his bedroom with, or a little sister to share his dolls with (one day my son is actually going to read these posts and disown me).

I know that being pregnant will be hard again, especially whilst looking after Dexter and working full time. I didn’t have an easy time with it before but I did get an amazing outcome at the end of my 9 months of hell.

The OH isn’t keen for me to be pregnant again either, probably because of the amount I moaned from being ill every day and the cost in parking fees at the hospital when things went wrong.

However seeing the bond between him and Dex it’s hard to think he’d never want anymore. He’s a brilliant Dad and lindsey dexter & the baby plannersclearly Dexter’s favourite parent, which isn’t such a bad thing at 6am! I know he’ll be supportive and understanding of my ice lolly and fat footed needs and I might even get to make my own baby shower the second time around (well here’s hoping my lovely friends would host one for me!)

But please don’t panic this isn’t an announcement merely a “bringing to your attention that one day in the near (ish) future we might think about sending an email to the stork and place our next order.” Mmmmmm I wish it was that simple.

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Remember you can read more from Lindsey over at her Blog: Life Changing Moments.

Why not follow Lindsey on twitter: @LindseyDay 

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Lindsey Day – Guest Blogger.

Lindsey Day - the baby planners guest blogger

                                            Lindsey Day – Guest Blogger

Any one that follows The Baby Planners blog should by now know who Lindsey Day is. For those of you who are just joining us, Lindsey is one of our fabulous guest bloggers and mum to Dexter 8 months; she also writes her own blog – Life Changing Moments. Lindsey has written us another great post, the topic this time is her desire to return to work.


When We Becomes Me

As Dexter fast approaches his 10th month I am constantly reminded that my return to the office is imminent. I’ve dabbled in a few of my keeping in touch (KIT) days, purely to bump up my paltry salary but nothing at all taxing on

The baby planners guest bloggerDex, me or my muddled mummy brain. Incidentally I do find it bizarre that my team ask me in so I can help them. Help? I’m a dab hand at changing a nappy but can’t really remember how to work the photocopier, let alone help the team with this year’s marketing plan. Mental note to self: brush up on my coffee making skills so I can woo them by way of hot beverage.

Anyway…..I digress… is where you judge me…… I’m quite looking forward to going back to work. (Cue evil Disney witch laugh.) God what an awful person I am!!! Why would I want to be away from my lovely baby boy? Well for his and my sanity really. I am very quickly running out of ideas on how to keep him entertained for 14 hours a day, 7 days a week. I’m craving a full mug of hot coffee. A full one, one I can consume from the first mouthful to the very last drop. I dream about popping to the loo without someone crying when I leave the room and I would love to hold an adult conversation without talking about babies.

Having a year off work with your baby sounds amazing when you are pregnant but in reality it’s a bit tedious, unless you have endless amounts of money. Even my coffee fund has taken a battering now. And where is this damn summer I’ve been promised? Sitting indoors all day with a frustrated 9 month old is more painful than missing a print deadline. You The baby planners guest bloggerknow your son needs other people to stimulate him when he reaches out to cuddle the postman. Awkward.

I’ve requested to return to work for 4 days a week. In my head that means I can do a bloody good job in the office for 4 days a week and an amazing job as a mummy to Dexter for the remainder. I plan to have every Friday off with him, just us. And as a family we’ll get to spend every other weekend together. Something that has never happened in this family before. I’m excited that Dexter will get to spend quality time with both me and the OH separately  and together, no doubt to concentrate on his football and ballet skills!

Now so I’m not completely rejected by society (and by society I mean my working friends) I must go back to pretending that I never want to return to work ever again.

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Mummy over and out.

Remember you can read more from Lindsey over at her Blog: Life Changing Moments.

Why not follow Lindsey on twitter: @LindseyDay 

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Food For Thought – by Lindsey Day

Lindsey Day 

The Baby Planners are very happy today as Lindsey Day; one of our previous guest bloggers, has written another article for us to share with you all. For those that haven’t read Lindsey’s earlier contribution to The Baby Planners blog – you should go do that when you’ve read this one – Lindsey is mum to Dexter 8 months and also writes her own blog – Life Changing Moments.

                 Food For Thought

My name is Lindsey and I’m a packet food feeder. There, my dirty little secret is out. Now can I explain why?

I’m a busy girl. I’m here, there, everywhere and along with me comes my milky boobs. These have fed Dexter since day 1.  I managed brilliantly up until about 5 months when milk alone wasn’t enough to satisfy my growing boy. I used to leave the house with a nappy and the obligatory muslin cloth. Now it’s all lunch boxes and overalls. Now did I mention I’m a busy girl? Well along with being busy I’m also a terrible cook. My OH would prefer to work a 14 hour day and then come home and cook himself than eat a dinner prepared by yours truly. I tried the whole batch cooking thing and Dexter just refused to eat it. No tears, just cruel belly laughs at my poor culinary skills.

 Dexter - The Baby Planners Blog

Dexter and I had lunch at a baby club last week. The leaflet said “bring along yours and baby’s lunch and meet other mums”. Perfect, I thought. He’s not had many meals around other babies and I’m keen to get him as “nursery ready” as soon as I can. I thought long and hard about my food. I didn’t want anyone to think I was unhealthy so I made a granary bread sandwich, took some fruit and a bottle of water. Believe me this was a far cry from my usual meal of cake, latte and cake. I grabbed an Ella’s Kitchen pouch for Dexter and his normal 2 petit filous’s. Job done. I packed us up into the car and we set off to the children’s centre.

We walked through the door and instantly I noticed a huge amount of drool and so, so, so much snot. The noise was also deafening (screaming babies and gossiping mums), Dexter looked at me like he was questioning my judgement. “It’s lunchtime Dex” I enthusiastically informed him. His normal reaction would be an excitable bounce in my arms. This time his reaction was to try and leap towards the door. We found a quiet(ish) corner to perch in and I started laying our stuff out.

Dexter Eating - The Baby Planners Blog

That’s when I heard it. “She’s going to spoon feed him”. “I read a study that said spoon-fed babies end up fat because they don’t know when to stop eating”. “Yeah I read that too, I don’t know why anyone would want to spoon-feed their baby, isn’t it just easier for him to feed himself? Tarquin knows exactly where his mouth is”. Well yes so does Dexter, his bloody hands are stuffed in his gob most of the day and I don’t think a 3 mile walk to McDonalds is feasible for an 8 month old. There is nothing wrong with spoon feeding, I was spoon fed and boy do i LURVE my food. And then I got my EK pouch out. Well I felt like a witch being burnt at the stake. Flaunting my wicked ways in public I could feel their glares penetrating my soul. Other people must buy them surely? Am I on my own when I admit that actually I have better things to do at the moment than steaming, boiling, mashing and freezing? I want to get out and about before Hurricane Dexter starts walking and terrorising the waiters at the local pub, I mean cafe. What a terrible mother I am.

Right I’m off to feed Dex a lamb roast, complete with roast spuds and mint sauce. The OH and I are having a sandwich each as its my night to cook.

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Mummy over and out


You can read more from Lindsey over at her Blog: Life Changing Moments

Why not follow Lindsey on twitter: @LindseyDay 

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Guest Blogger – Lindsey Day.

Lindsey Day


The Baby Planners are pleased to introduce you to today’s guest blogger , Lindsey Day. Lindsey is mummy to 8 month old Dexter and now a mummy blogger. We really enjoy her Blog – Life Changing Moments, and we’re delighted that she agreed to write something for us.

We hope you enjoy Lindsey’s writing as much as we do and don’t forget to follow the link at the bottom of the page to read more from Lindsey.


                                  A mother’s guilt

I’m writing this sitting on a train. A train that is heading for Brighton. I’m on my way to my friends hen do. A weekend of partying with my friends. A weekend of having fun. So why do I feel sick and keep breaking out in a cold sweat? This is because this weekend will mean 2 nights away from my baby boy. 3 full days and 2 nights. How will he cope without me? How will the Other Half (OH) cope without me? More importantly how will I cope without them?

Lindsey Day

I’ve had a lot of friends tell me I’ll be fine, I’ll cope, I’ll probably even forget about them both before I’ve actually got there. This I very much doubt. Dexter is pretty much my world, not in a mental obsessed kind of way, just in a life consuming way. I mean this boy is literally attached to my boob for at least 2 hours of the day. My day is dictated around his meal and sleep times. Our life is now planned around him. He rules the house, there is no denying it. So why the hell do people think I’m going to just forget about him for a weekend?

He’s only 8 months old (today in fact), far too young to be out in the cold, cruel world on his own. People have told me it’ll be good for me to get away. Erm, why exactly? Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to being Lindsey for the weekend and not just Dexter’s mum. I just hope I can converse about topics other than poo. I would kill to have a full weekend away with my boys, as a family. We’ve had a pretty rubbish start to the year so all I want is my family close by. Does that make me a weirdo?

The run up to this weekend has been a bit stressful. I have 100% faith in the other half and how he looks after Dexter but it’s not stopped me waking up in the middle of night worrying about things. How much milk will Dex need? Will this weekend be the time for his first word? (no doubt, just to rub salt into the wound!) I even wrote lists and his routine down. The OH knows his routine as well as I do but it just helped. Nothing will stop me worrying about him, even photo messages to prove he’s alive, well and happy.

Lindsey DayI’m a true believer in a mother knows best. I know this sounds harsh but since having Dex I have noticed that men are a little bit rubbish. They’d get by, maybe be a little bit feral without a woman around, but they’d “survive” without us. The OH has been an amazing support since Dexter was born and the best dad possible but if I wasn’t there to advise him (and by advise I mean nag) well I don’t know what would happen, the world imploding would be a good start. I have visions of my boys spending the weekend in their pants watching babestation and football. What am I going to return home to? Beer cans and nappies everywhere? More like chocolate wrappers and puddles of puke. I’ve asked the OH to send me triple the normal amount of photos over the course of the weekend just to get me through.

I know deep down old Lindsey is looking forward to having copious amounts of tequila and dancing to old school with the girls, but mummy Lindsey will not stop missing her little monkey.

Thanks for reading

Mummy over and out



You can read more from Lindsey over at her Blog: Life Changing Moments

Why not follow Lindsey on twitter: @LindseyDay 


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